Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dinkache (Edible Gum/Gondh) ladoo

Dink Ladoo! Any of you who know about these ladoos would know how TASTY they are. So here's the recipe.
Take a handful of gondh (edible gum). These look like tiny stones - you should get them in Indian stores. Many people refer to it as 'dink'. Suppose to be very good for lactating mothers and is usually added to their diet in some form or the other.

Deep fry the gum in ghee. The gum will almost double in size and look something like this.

Take 1 cup of dry fruits. You can use almonds, walnuts, cashew, raisins, apricot or any other type you can put your hands on. I in fact picked some from a trail mix I found at home. Grind the dry fruits to fine powder like this.

Take some khaskhas (poppy seeds) and fry them in ghee.

To that add 1 cup wheat flour. You can also use fine rava in place of wheat flour. Once you get the 'roasted' smell of the flour/rava, put aside the mixture to cool down.

Add 1 + 1/2 cup of jaggery to 1/2 cup of water. Let the water boil. Keep on stirring the jaggery.

This is the tricky part. Keep on stirring as the jaggery mixture thickens.

Keep looking for the consistency of the mixture. Once it is as thick as 'one string' when you take a drop between your thumbs (see in picture), you need to stop heating the mixture.

Add 1/2 cup dessicated coconut to the dry fruits and flour mixture.

Then add the mixture to the jaggery syrup and stir for some time.

Roll the mixture into ladoos. And there you are AWESOME ladoos to enjoy!


1 cup dry fruits

2 tbsp dink

1 1/2 cup jaggery

1/2 cup water (for jaggery syrup)

1/2 cup dessicated coconut

2 tbsp poppy seeds (khas khas)

2 tbsp ghee

Minor modification - Last week I went to help a seva group to make similar ladoos like these. Interestingly similar ingredients were used. No dink of course. But no jaggery syrup!. Instead dates were ground to fine paste and cooked in ghee and brown sugar. To that all the dry fruits powder was added. After making the ladoos out of the mixture, they were rolled over dessicated coconut. These ladoos were MIND BLOWING too!