Sunday, November 9, 2008

First attempt baking a cake which turned out good

Yesterday I baked a cake! It turned out awesome and everyone enjoyed it. Well, I should not take all the credit; I used the ready-made mix off the racks from Target. But nevertheless I was very excited baking one.

It was a yummy chocolate cake. I got vanilla frosting to dress it up. I followed the instructions one by one; made sure that I did not add a little less or little more than what was listed in the instructions. I remember once I tried baking a cake and added an extra egg thinking it would make it fluffy; on the contrary it turned out hard and chewy. So I had learned my lesson in baking.

I baked in two portions in 8 inch square trays. After they were baked, I cooled it in the open. Placed one on top of the other adding the frosting layer in between and covered it with the frosting. Did a bit of decoration; put the birthday message. It was one of my colleague's wife's birthday and belated birthday of two cute babies.

I am glad everybody loved it.

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