Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mango Pie (My favourite)

We had a great get-together many many days back; now I think about it, was many months back. If I remember correctly it was Navin's birthday and his project mates had planned a surprise party to our house. Shurud's wife Shruty, had prepared this wonderful mango pie! Everyone loved it and enjoyed it a lot. I made sure I took the recipe from Shruty right away. I have made it 2 or 3 times already and each time friends and family have relished it!

So today I am sharing it with everyone. I looked for the recipe over the net and you can find it all over the place too. I am putting it here for quick reference :)

Last night I had a party at my place for my colleagues and their families. I took a pic of the ingredients so that I could put it up here! The recipe is very very simple and I bet you are going to love it.


All you need is -

1 Ready made pie crust (you get this in any food store)
2 small Gelatin packs

250ml/8oz Mango pulp (you can get this in any Indian store)
8 oz whipping cream
2-3 tb spoon whipped cheese cream (I usually add less only for consistency; too much can be injurious to health :))
10 tb spoon sugar (If the mango pulp is already sweetened, no need to add sugar)

Put the mixture ingredients in a bowl and whip it well for 5 minutes to make a smooth paste.
Boil 250ml/8oz water and add the gelatin to it. Make sure the gelatin is dissolved completely. Add the gelatin solution to the mixture. Blend the mixture again for sometime.
Now pour the mixture in the pie crust. Put it in the refrigerator for approx. 4 hrs. and let it set.

Ta-da! You are all set. Enjoy the yummy treat! Hope you love it.


Navin said...

Maaangoooooo :)

crystal said...

yumm !! u sure its as easy to make as it sounds .. I have to try this one .. Like i said earlier .. to impress u know who ..:)

radn said...

looks yummy!