Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sabudana Halwa

Yum Yum Yum! is all I can say :) Do try this recipe, you will love it. It is simple and yet so delicious. No wonder my Mom used to make it sooooooo many times when I was little. Kisiko bachaa hua, sabudana halwa. kisika birthday hain, sabudana halwa. Koi ghar ayaa, sabudana halwa!!! So here is the recipe for everybody to try - in pictures. It seems more easier that way!

Take 1 cup of Sabudana. And soak them in 1 cup of water for approx 2 hours. I did that and then realized there is no ghee at home! So ended up soaking it overnight. But the water had dried up and did no harm. This is how it looked like in 2 hours. Take 2 tsp of ghee. I used 2 tb sp :) I am big hearted (and big tummy) person you see :)

Take 4-5 cloves and add to ghee Add the sabudana to the ghee Add dry fruits - I added raisins and almonds
You would need 2 cups (double the quantity of sabudana) of coconut juice. If you can extract from fresh coconut GREAT! If you cannot, its fine too. You can use the tin ones you get.
Add the coconut to the sabudana and cook for some time.
Add saffron to the mixture.
Add sugar - same quantity as the sabudana you started with (remember the sabudana will double in quantity when you soak in water)
How does it look? Pour it in a tray/dabba and let it settle for some time. Cool off and then refrigerate. Taste great cold and hot alike.


1 cup Tapioca/Sabudana

1 cup sugar

2 cup coconut milk


Almonds and raisins

1 tsp ghee

Few cloves

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